A City Set On a Hill
Surviving the Seventieth Week by Reforming Fundamentalism and Establishing Cities of Refuge
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Sun Sep 9 19:35:39 EDT 2012
Gianfranco Fronzi Thu Sep 6 21:15:28 EDT 2012
Which one of you ? I ask , from the commentators , to the site poster , " Does anybody care? "
mahdi Tue Aug 21 11:34:45 EDT 2012
When you're all liars. Dishonest Jews Satanists.
Tue Jul 31 15:19:06 EDT 2012
tnrockytop Wed Jun 20 22:58:47 EDT 2012
Finally we fundamentalists are being forced to look closely at pre-trib doctrine, which has almost become a "fundamental" of the faith. I am a graduate of BJU also, and grew up on the Scofield Bible. I began to research the questions about the rapture and recently came to face the truth about the post-tribulation rapture. So, Dr Lopez, thank you for your very helpful book.
BOB, London Sun Jan 9 02:35:21 EST 2011
I enjoyed the read, Thank you. You present a well reasoned argument for a Post-trib Rapture which is sorely lacking in today's Church. However, you lost me near the end. If you wish to be taken seriously, get rid of the "Pope King" and the "Escape to Mars" scenario. It diminished the well laid Biblical foundation of all that you previously stated. My Comment should not to be taken as a rebuke but as well intended advise. All in all it is good work. Thanks again for the Read.
Dr. Lawrence Mon Nov 22 23:07:23 EST 2010
I, too, am called by God to give servants of God their food at the proper time, preparing them for the things to come. I would love the opportunity to meet with others who were called to prepare saints of God for the Great Tribulation. Another thing...God does not want us arguing and debating about times and dates such as when the rapture will take place- pre trib vs. post trib views, and the like. Can we please get past this, and simply keep watch and be ready like Jesus told us to? The real truth is, we will never come together on this issue because both views are correct. There will be two raptures. The first will take place pre-trib, and the second, post-trib (caught up with Jesus in the air). Many fence-straddlers will be left behind during the Tribulation/Great Tribulation period, and will need to make a decision; either to follow Christ or not. We need to help them survive these perilous times- spiritually and physically- before it gets too late. For more information, visit www.endtimesolutions.com.
filled Mon Nov 22 19:30:36 EST 2010
My question was not addressed about Bob Jones University and the black people
filled Mon Nov 22 19:25:25 EST 2010
After reading your commentary, I read about the author. A graduate of Bob Jones University. My heart was grieved because I lived in the south and remember how mean spirited Bob Jones was toward the black people Yours was the first ministry I had considered support. Now I am struggling about your ministry. How can you support Bob Jones teaching when the two most important commandment given by Jesus "loveing God and your neighbor. Please respond ASAP.
Author - reply to 'filled' above: Tue Nov 30 2010
In March of 2000 the then president of Bob Jones University eliminated the university's rule against interracial dating and apologized for not allowing blacks to attend the university during segragation. A complete apology is located on the Bob Jones University website at: www.bju.edu/welcome/who-we-are/race-statement.php. For those readers interested in more information about Bob Jones University I recommend the Wikipedia article about the university, which is quite balanced, or the Bob Jones University website, bju.edu.

I, myself, am a white Hispanic of Mediterranean ancestry and was born in Puerto Rico, which has a highly racially integrated culture. Yet, as a result of this mixture of the races, there are not many Puerto Ricans which are pure black or native American. Nevertheless, I married a girl from Iran, who although not from another race, is definitely from another culture. These types of marriages are challenging, but for those who are prepared to accept that challenge, they offer an opportunity to expand ones horizons in a way that makes the benefits far outweigh the costs. My children are enriched by exposure to three culture, the Hispanic, the Anglo-American, and the Middle Eastern and they are able to navigate successfully in all three. However, marriage is already a great challenge and, for most people, marrying someone similar to them is probably a good choice.

Watchman Thu Nov 11 22:19:36 EST 2010
maybe You and I have something in commom. I have recently been called by God to Start a ministry www.watching-and-preparing.com. I have been going through much of what you wrote but you generalise and is not specific. Order my cd Your future is Here and see pictures and comments of the Book of Revelation. The seventieth wwek of Daniel had been fulfilled. Because there is a seven year ending predicted it has nothing to do with Daniel's prophesy. I am thinking along the same lines to help believers prepare for this time. Networking with other believers who are of the same thinking. Not all believers will accept what we are saying but God will lead those of like minds to be in agreement on ideas.I am looking to move from Barbados to establish a farm in Guyana where there is abundance of land.
stuart mclenaghan Fri Nov 5 00:28:18 EDT 2010
mochoa Sun Oct 31 11:18:48 EDT 2010
The first problem is your view is of a one world govenrment making a covenant with the Jews. No where does it say that. Dan 9 says he makes a covenant with many, many what? He does not make a covenant with individuals he makes it with rulers as all transactions between nations are done now. The ten horns are ten nations with whom he makes covenant. They come against Israel and God steps in and delivers for 3 1/2 years a time of peace, Joel 2. He restores what has been taken they become Christians, the sacrificial 1st covenant is done away with 2nd covenant the only covenant in force now and forever, takes effect. How can an unholy being make a Holy Covenant? How then can he break a Holy Covenant he did not make? The Holy Covenant is made by God between Him and all humanity. It is our duty to accept or neglcet Him. He is our "city of Refuge". It is not a location, but the location of Faith. I know you did a lot of hard work but let the Bible interpret its self. As was once said for all, "Much learning doth make thee mad." There is no one world government, read Dan 11:41, this is the small country of Jordan. How can "Kings" come against him? Wouldn't they need to have countries or kingdoms? But if he rules the whole world where can they flee to? Why run? The first 3 1/2 years are peaceful. Jesus talking to His disciples says, "Ye shall HEAR of wars and rumors of wars..." Not you will be involved in them. How can one build a temple during the "lessor tribulation", so called, NO SUCH THING, the world coming apart at the seams. E-mail me at mochoa631@yahoo.com To lengthy a subject as you well know. Thanks for the sight.
barakbendtheknee@gmail.com Thu Oct 28 13:37:07 EDT 2010
Are you serious?Have you ever heard of justified by faith?If I'm justified by faith that means that I'm also RIGHTEOUS as HE,Jesus,is I am.So if Jesus isn't going post neither am I.Be kind of hard to go through three and a half years then come back after seven with Jesus in the clouds.Jesus does not make it hard for us,He makes it simple!Just like salvation.How can you not agree?!Look at the whole context of God's word,you take the text out and you get the con!It is so simple,don't make it hard on ones self.Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us FREE!!!SIMPLE,SIMPLE,SIMPLE. Simple plan from God's simple man. Grace upon Grace,Your brother in Christ Jesus,Frank
PutYHWH1st Sun Oct 17 01:35:55 EDT 2010
Good truth Carol- http://www.tomorrowsworld.org/cgi-bin/tw/tw-mag.cgi?category=Magazine29&item=1104249357 About JC - http://www.wwyd.org/ Dulce book. ashtar command. the rapture- http://www.the-latter-rain.com/the-rapture.html and church- http://religionstinks.xanga.com/669573192/item/ No one is 100% correct till Yahushua puts it in our hearts. May Yahuwah be with you all,time to turn tour world upside down.Amein.
alex Wed Oct 13 19:31:34 EDT 2010
get over your self1!!!!!!!
jacksonaco5 Mon Sep 27 20:30:12 EDT 2010
I'm a christain and posttrib believer, your work(A City On a Hill)answered a lot of questions I had about the book of Revelations. However, in chapter 9 "Mars The Ultimate City of Refuse" you let your imagination get the best of you. If true bible believing christains will have to go through the tribulation here on earth and not escape that fact, why then would you contradict yourself by saying we will escape to mars. You're talking about thousands of launches into space, and who will pay for it? Who will make it possible the world goverment that will be in control of everything at the time? Come on now, go back to GOD'S word.
Both in the old and new testament it talks about attending church on SABBATH DAY which is the last day of Gods creation, if you look up in the dictionary the last day of the week is SATURDAY. If anyone wants to truelly follow Gods teaching they MUST observe ALL of Gods teaching. Jesus gave us an example that we must foolow- He kept all the commandments and laws
Sun Sep 19 06:59:42 EDT 2010
Antily Ambaris
Shallom,7 church? then why there is so many kind of church has been developed the last decade? i always wonder what its mean, is human can build a new church? with different understanding? some of us (christians) go to church on saturday, and some of us go to church on sunday. could you please enlightening me more about this.
Mon Aug 16 06:37:44 EDT 2010
I read maybe 5 to 10 minutes, and realize you don't understand about the first three items that I glanced at. 1) Seventieth week - it came exactly when it was prophesied it would come. 2) The seven churches - God picked those churches because they represented the whole church..Their names define their problem. 3) Already there are many antichrists: they crept in unawares. The antichrist is not an atheist or agnostic or whatever, he's a professing christian. His blasphemy and deniing, is his counterfeit gospel (looks real, taste real,smells real,feels real etc.). That's how he deceives the believers, by not preaching the true gospel. John and Peter warned us to go back to the word heard from the beginning. I learned years ago that I had to change my paradigm, and asked the Lord for revelation. Anyway, I couldn't stand to go on reading, or my reply would be longer than your book.
Fri Aug 13 00:38:00 EDT 2010
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