A City Set On a Hill
Surviving the Seventieth Week by Reforming Fundamentalism and Establishing Cities of Refuge
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Table of Contents
Copyright 2010 by Raul E. Lopez, MD, MDiv

Chapter 1 Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Theological Innovation
Interpretational Filters
Chapter 2 The Timing of the Rapture
Summary of the Events of the Seventieth Week
The beginning of Sorrows Precedes the Rapture
The Great Tribulation Precedes the Rapture
Cosmic Signs Precede the Rapture
The Rapture Occurs at the Last Trump
The Emphasis of the Apocalypse Points to a Post-Trib Rapture
Chapter 3 Objections to the Post-Tribulational Rapture
Most Godly Christians do not Believe in the Post-Tribulational Rapture
God Would not Punish the Church
The Church is not Appointed Unto Wrath
The Doctrine of Imminence
The Source of the Millennial Inhabitants
Chapter 4 Key Prophetic Events and Players
The Identity of Babylon
WWIII and the Beginning of Sorrows
666 and the Great Tribulation
The Millennium
Chapter 5 The Two Olive Trees
Chapter 6 Reforming Fundamentalism
Brief History of the Christian Fundamentalist Movement
Weaknesses of Modern Christian Fundamentalism
Confessing the Name of Jesus Christ
Keeping the Words of Christ
Defending the Biblical Text
Strength Through Accountability
Chapter 7 Holding Fast What We Have
Holy Spirit Filling Through Abstinence From Alcohol
Holy Spirit Filling Through Godly Music
Music and the Regulative Principle
Holy Spirit Filling Through Thanksgiving
Holy Spirit Filling Through Submission to One Another
Chapter 8 The Three Offices of Christ
Jesus Christ as Prophet
Jesus Christ as Priest
Jesus Christ as King
Chapter 9 The Cities of Refuge
First Step, Virtual Government
Second Step, Independence
Mars, The Ultimate City of Refuge

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