A City Set On a Hill
Surviving the Seventieth Week by Reforming Fundamentalism and Establishing Cities of Refuge
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Copyright 2010 by Raul E. Lopez, MD, MDiv

The most important step to prepare for the seventieth week is the founding of a new denomination. One possible name, in English, would be the "Biblical Christian Church", and, in Spanish, "La Iglesia Cristiana BÝblica." This denomination would be unique in that it would combine the best elements from historical reformed Presbyterianism with the best elements from the fundamentalist Baptist movement. Some of the elements which would be borrowed from Presbyterianism would include Presbyterian church government, a balanced, Calvinistic, non-Dispensational view of scripture, and the posttribulational rupture. Elements borrowed from Baptist fundamentalism would include the practice of believer's baptism, Premillennialism, and an emphasis on living a holy life which is separated from worldliness. The church which at this time comes the closest to this description is the Free Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland and North America founded by Ian Paisley. However, this church is open on the issue of Baptism and Eschatology. This means that they accept baptism of both believers or infants, and permit all views of the millennium and rapture. Therefore, even though some of their churches would hold a view exactly like that being presented here, others would not. Nevertheless, the Free Presbyterian Church holds a balanced Reformed view which is used as a tool to accomplish their primary goal, the exaltation of Christ.

Pastors interested in starting a denomination such as the Biblical Christian Church can access our website. Those who are interested in investigating the Free Presbyterian Church should contact Faith Free Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina. It is important to note that this book has not been in any way authorized or approved by that denomination. Lay Christians who agree with the views presented here should start Bible studies to further investigate these teachings. Some of the Bible studies could form the nucleus for the formation of new church as the Lord leads.

This new denomination would need a bilingual seminary to train both English and Spanish speaking pastors. A Christian university could later be formed as extensions of the seminaries using funding from a Christian mutual fund investment company. As this university grows it can begin to exert political influence in the surrounding area. This influence will probably be greater if the university is located in Puerto Rico because of its autonomous status. As the influence grows, the surrounding city and state can become more and more like a city of refuge.

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